Who Is the Woman In the Progressive Name Your Price Ad Who Isn’t Flo? Let Me Explain

Unless you’ve made it your life’s mission to never watch a TV ad, you've seen "Flo" on your screen approximately 10,000 times. You know, Flo. The upbeat Progressive spokeswoman with the Bump-It hair, red lipstick, winged eyeliner, and a "FLO" name tag. Flo, played by Stephanie Courtney, has been shilling Progressive’s auto insurance policies since 2008. But last year, a Progressive Name Your Price ad starring actress Gillian Vigman made its debut, and it's aired during many a commercial break ever since.

No, Vigman isn't the new Flo. Courtney has not been usurped, and Flo has not been replaced with a new mascot. Rather, the ad's humor hinges on how popular and recognizable the character has become. It's a Flo homage. A Flo-mage.

Over the course of the ad, the woman's (Vigman) attire and hairstyle change little by little as her husband uses the Progressive Name Your Price Tool on his laptop. By the end of the ad, she and the daughter are made up like our girl Flo, the dog's fur is no longer brown, and the living room is white and lined with shelves of Progressive product (a la the store where Flo works). Oh, and some non-Progressive insurance agents appear on the couch. Understandably, the husband is stunned.

So who is the non-Flo lady? She looks familiar, yeah? She should. Vigman, a very funny comedic actress with Second City roots, has been in many commercials, TV shows, and movies. Here’s where you've seen her before:

"Jack's Wife" in several Jack-In-The-Box TV spots:

John Ducey on YouTube

"Look. Look with your special eyes" (1-800 Contacts):


"I'm gonna read one of these!" (Swiffer):


And the commercial list goes on and on.

Oh, right. There's a chance TV ads are not your bag. But maybe TV is your bag. You bet your bag (ew, what? Whatever. I'm running with it) that she's appeared on a lot of television programs. Vigman was on MADtv, Sons & Daughters, and Suburgatory. She's also stopped by Parks & Recreation, New Girl, Scrubs, and... again, the list goes on and on.

You want flicks? Vigman's Stephanie was married to Phil (Bradley Cooper) in The Hangover movies. She was in the speed dating scene in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. She was in Kings of Summer. She played Gerta in Deck the Halls, aka "that bizarre Christmas movie I wind up watching on cable every holiday season." AND GUESS WHAT? This list also goes on and on.

WAIT. I almost forgot this ad, and I'd never forgive myself if I didn't include it:

Jamie Gee on YouTube

Squirrels cutting coupons. SQUIRRELS CUTTING COUPONS.

Image: Progressive