Lifetime Making a Reality Show About Becoming a Nun, So Hold Onto Your Habits

Get thee to a nunnery — and do so literally, reality stars to be! Because if you want to be on television you're going to have to get into the habit — the nunnery habit (and also a literal habit because that's a thing they wear on their heads and ha ha ha aren't we funny?) — as Lifetime has greenlit a Catholic convent-based reality television program from the creators of Breaking Amish. That's right: in a matter of mere months we are going to have ourselves a Who Wants to Be a Nun?-style reality show called The Sisterhood and unfortunately it has absolutely nothing to do with Sister Act . Or that singing Italian nun. Something tells us that notorious G.O.D. fella would not be so down for this sort of nun-based nuttery.

But we shall not judge lest we be judged, and instead will simply report the facts. The Sisterhood — we really thought they'd come up with something a bit more punny like Getting in The Habit or something, to be honest — will follow the journey of five women as they decide whether or not they want to take a vow of celibacy, poverty, and obedience in order to become nuns. It's a sped-up process from the program, but is said to test the limits of these women's religious beliefs. We're sure that, given the series' roots and the producers behind it, they're all super-committed and have actively thought about giving up everything to serve some higher religious power prior to this series. Because that would be blasphemy! But we suppose it was only a matter of time before it came to this, because literally nothing is sacred — not even the sacred stuff! — anymore.