The Grass Is Always Greener? Looking For Mr. Perfect Will Make You Miss Mr. Right


In the perfect world that is La La Land, a freakishly picky writer takes perfection to new extremes. Amanda Lauren of xoJane proudly proclaims she is "not a settler" before launching into all her requirements for her Mr. Perfect. The girl clearly has restless man syndrome — no matter how much of a catch the guy is, she probably always ditches him in hopes of finding someone better.

No mention of how amazing her mom is to deserve such a great dude, and of the compromises her parents make to have a happy relationship. Instead, Lauren just sees black and white: Either she's dating the worst man in L.A. or she's about to meet her future husband.

Lady needs to realize there's important grey space between an abusive boyfriend and a guy who forgets to open your car door. You don't have to "completely compromise" yourself, but you do have to make a compromise on what you think is your ideal man. He doesn't exist. He's in your head.

Relationships are all about finding a happy middle ground that suits both partners' needs. But Lauren doesn't seem to consider what the guy she dates might need. She seems to be spending so much time criticizing men that she doesn't see how much of a double standard she's imposing on her dating life:

I wonder how Mr. Right would feel about her having no time for him. Not once — not once! — in the article does Lauren mention what she has to bring to the table that's so fantastic and how she's willing to invest herself in her relationship with Mr. Right. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if guys don't want to settle for her.

Image: starrynight_012 on Flicker