'Once Upon a Time's Ginnifer Goodwin Is Super Laid-Back but She's Got BIG Baby Name Rules

Ginnifer Goodwin might be the rightful queen of the Enchanted Forest and living in a fairytale IRL, but this Once Upon A Time actress is far from a stuck-up princess. Ginnifer Goodwin stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night, and apparently she's one of the most laid-back people ever. The notoriously private star, who married costar Josh Dallas in a secret ceremony last week, she finally opened up about her wedding and her pregnancy on the show. And now all we want is to be her friend because she just seems so cool about everything — well, except her new baby's name.

Goodwin's Kimmel appearance is the first time the actress has openly discussed her pregnancy and apparently she's disappointed that you aren't accosting her on the street and asking to rub her belly. They actress told Kimmel, "I was told that people would be coming up on the streets and just manhandling me, but I've been spared. I have been! I feel a little less loved."

Goodwin didn't reveal the sex of her baby, but she also joked that she's probably the most pregnant person that Kimmel's ever had on the show at eight months. (Not really, he once had the Octomom.) Then, naturally, the conversation turned to baby names:


The OUAT actress has some serious rules regarding the name of her first child with Dallas — and she has no intention of jumping on the geographic baby name train that Kimye started. So yeah, "South Dallas" isn't going to be an option.

Watch the rest of Goodwin's Jimmy Kimmel Live! interview here: