Olivia Wilde Proves She's Not a Regular Mom, She's a Cool Mom, With Hilarious Tweets

As if we needed another reason to girl-crush on Olivia Wilde. On Apr. 23, Wilde announced the birth of son Otis Alexander Sudeikis, with an adorable photo and a wonderfully well-crafted joke. We weren't surprised — Wilde's Twitter account is full of hilarious insight from the Drinking Buddies actress. I mean, she is engaged to funny-man Jason Sudeikis, after all. And when Wilde tweeted again about her newborn son on Thursday, with an unexpectedly funny musing about babies, I couldn't help but wish she was live-tweeting her first few hours of being a mom.

I know, there are people that hate when parents over share about their children on social media — I'm not one of those people. I squealed with joy when I stumbled upon Jessica Simpson's baby-filled Instagram account, while others were openly calling her the Queen of Over-Sharing. Yes, some people can cross the fine line from between adorable and obnoxious very quickly, but I just don't see Olivia Wilde falling into that trap. Why? Because she's funny and if you're already following her on Twitter, you know that on top of having a sense of humor, she's intelligent. So I'm not really too concerned about her falling into the trap of alerting the universe every time she changes her son's diaper.

Here's Wilde's first tweet, announcing Otis Alexander's birth:

Adorable photo? Check. Creative announcement? Check. Delivery of well-placed, slightly self-depreciating joke? Check. It's simple and yet funny enough to make you wish you'd thought of it. So, ha, haters.

And here's the actress' second tweet from her first 24 hours as a new mom:

Okay, yes, knowing that her son might have just peed on his own face is a little gross. But also AMAZING. If you didn't chuckle or crack a smile while reading this tweet, you might want to reevaluate your expectations of humor. Again, would you have ever thought of this? Probably not — but, again, it's clever enough to make you wish you had, all the way down to the "#awesome".

Maybe it's the fact that she's not fawning over the miracle of life or tweeting about "new baby smell" that has me over-excited about what she has to say about motherhood. There's just something about these tweets that screams "cool mom" (and not in the way Amy Poehler said it in Mean Girls). Sure, Otis will probably be embarrassed that one day that she announced to over a million followers that he peed on his face on his second day of life. But, that isn't stopping us from admiring Wilde's cool humor right now.

Babies are adorable but they actually do some pretty funny (and sometimes odd/gross) things and if anyone's going to tweet about them, it should be Olivia Wilde. Keep 'em coming.