Solange Is Working On a New Album & the Timing Couldn't Be Better

For anyone who leaves the summer season kicking and screaming each year, Solange just offered a consolation prize that may actually help you look forward to the fall. Wednesday night during a Twitter Q & A, Solange revealed she plans to release a new album in early fall. Even though she's designing sneakers with Puma and DJing and performing everywhere from festivals to laundromats, hearing that she's about to bless us with some new tunes couldn't come at a better time.

She released her last EP True in November of 2012 and even though she brings these songs to life onstage in a way that is nothing short of awesome, it's been close to two years. Needless to say, folks are anxious to know what type of music will follow the dance, New Wave-inspired record that brought us tracks like "Losing You" and "Lovers in the Parking Lot."

The transition from the eclectic pop sound of Solange's sophomore effort, Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams, and the more mellow True was quite evident, but the former's upbeat offerings like "I Decided," "Sandcastle Disco," and "Would've Been The One" still managed to set the record apart from anything else we heard at that particular time. And best of all, it gave us a glimpse at how Solo could effortlessly two-step her way out of the shadow cast by her uber famous sister Beyoncé without coming off like someone who was trying too hard.

Solange fans know she doesn't hold back and conformity is the least of her concerns, which intensifies the anticipation of what her new album might sound like. And Solo's description of her upcoming music only increased my excitement:

Judging by how vocal she is, I can only imagine what type of music Solange is afraid to make. But whatever it is, I certainly won't be afraid to listen.