Guy Dumps Girlfriend on Instagram, Enters Douche Bag Hall of Fame

Boys are the worst, especially when they’re in high school. Every one of us who pined after one of these little monsters has surely been traumatized, whether it was from the scorn of the popular boy or the unrequited love of the mysterious emo punk. One teenager, though, has managed to raise the douchiness bar, BuzzFeed tells us, by breaking up with his girlfriend in an Instagram post.

In what is likely the first instance of someone being dumped by a hashtag, Instagram user @cjkarl11 posted a photo with two shots in the frame. One of himself with an adorable girl, and another with the girl cropped out. After seeing the post, hashtagged #TransformationTuesday, user @syd_ross, presumably the adorable girl, asked if this was his way of dumping her. Ouch.

The text message or infamous Post-it note break-up is awful, but dumping someone via Instagram adds a whole other element of passive-aggression: public humiliation. Not only did @syd_ross have to find out that she’s now single, so did all their mutual friends and other random people on the Internet.

Way harsh, @cjkarl11. According to BuzzFeed, both Instagram accounts have since been deleted after the post went viral, probably because they’re both humiliated. If there is any justice in this world, this kid is thoroughly embarrassed and realizes that he should do a better job of ending it with girls in the future.

It’s probably going to take a little time for @syd_ross to get over the humiliation of being dumped by a hashtag. But honey, you can do so much better. You’ll bounce back. Your ex, however, will forever have the honor of being enshrined into the Douchebag Hall of Fame before he’s even able to vote.

Image: @cjkarl11/Instagram