Will There Be Romance For Nany And Cohutta On MTV's 'The Challenge'?

I don't know about you, but if love — or at least lust — isn't in the air for Nany and Cohutta in tonight's episode of MTV's The Challenge: Free Agents , then I am a monkey's uncle. MTV released a promo of the potential couple's lip-lock from tonight but apparently there's more to it than just a kiss; it looks as though we might get a proposal as well.

Viewers of the show have been treated to flirty and steamy scenes with recently eliminated Dustin and Jessica, even after Dustin made a pact with ex-girlfriend Heather that we would not hookup with any women in the house. Oops.

But after Nany and Cohutta's kiss from last week, it seems this new duo could become a couple. Nany has never been shy about her relationship and contact with men throughout her time on MTV reality shows. When we first met her on The Real World: Las Vegas, she was in a tumultuous relationship for years that is ended after she slept with bad boy Adam Royer. That romance didn't last long as Adam was evicted from the house for excessive drinking and violent behavior. During The Challenge: Rivals II, Nany flirted with CT Tamburello quite a bit and hooked up with Marlon Williams.

And Nany doesn't discriminate between genders. There was that time she made out with most recent The Challenge winner Emily Schromm. So it was only a matter of time before she had a new romantic partner, which is why the newest promo for tonight's episode involving Nany making out with Cohutta was not surprising. No, the surprising part is that Nany also drunken proposes to him. Check it out here:

Now I have absolutely no idea how this will play out. It seems strange that both parties will think the idea is still a good one when they wake up with killer hangovers the next morning. But this is MTV and this is The Cfhallenge and if there's anything I've learned about this show during my extensive research, it's that the romance on this show is always unpredictable. It's very possible these two have what it takes to actually be a real couple with a real relationship. No one can ever say for sure what decisions these folks will make. But isn't that why people enjoy it?

Image: MTV