You're Not Alone In Hating Bieber, Here's 5 Other Places That Don't Want Him Either

We may not be seeing Justin Bieber stateside again for a while, thank god. This afternoon, the Biebs was detained at LAX on his way back from Tokyo, since traveling outside the country after his DUI charge was illegal. And seeing as Bieber is a Canadian citizen, deportation is not out of the question.

Oh, Justin, Justin, Justin. You were such a cute kid. What happened? Besides growing up richer than Croesus surrounded by sycophants who never said no to you? Because that could never royally mess a person up.

In the past few years, Bieber has gone from the lovable Never Say Never star the world fell in love with to... well... an entitled, bratty monster, whose international exploits include brawls with the paparazzi, showing up 2 hours late to his own shows, and having sex with Brazilian prostitutes. Chaos seems to follow the Biebs wherever he goes, and more and more establishments are deciding that he isn't worth the trouble.

If the U.S. decides to oust the megastar, they'll be joining a long line of hotels, clubs, restaurants, and yes, other countries, who have decided that Justin Bieber is no longer welcome on the premises.

A Hotel In Argentina

In November of 2013, JB was kicked out of the Hotel Faena in Buenos Aires after the fans waiting for him outside damaged property. And there were a lot of fans. Just check out the above Instagram from Bieber's producer.

A Club In Austria


After his bodyguards broke the cameras of several clubgoers at the Passage club in Vienna, Bieber was given the boot- for good.

An Indoor Skydiving Facility


You know you're a celebrity when you get banned from an indoor skydiving facility. Seriously, who does that? Apparently he refused to pay the previously agreed upon amount- which, when you consider his net worth, is particularly egregious.

Four Different Clubs In NYC


That's right- due to bad behavior, New York City hotspots 1 Oak, The VIP Room, Up and Down, and the Sapphire Gentlemen's Club have all told Bieber that he is not welcome back.

The Philippines


After making fun of Manny Pacquiano, who is a national icon and member of the House of Representatives, Bieber was declared a persona non grata until he apologizes- and, knowing Bieber's track record, that may not happen any time soon.