Callie Thorpe, Marie Denee, & More Plus-Size Bloggers Give Their Best Fashion Tips

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Being told what to wear is never fun. If you're apple-shaped, wear long tops. If you're a pear, highlight your waist. But what if you're not a piece of fruit at all, and happen to be a real, human person with interests and tastes and a unique sense of style? Then what?

I'm always encouraging women to wear what makes them happy, and not be afraid to disregard the fashion no-nos. But when you're told time and time again that X makes your butt look too big and Y doesn't show off your bust in a "flattering" light, you can feel overwhelmed and disheartened to make daring fashion choices or opt for experimenting with cuts and styles.

Luckily, there are ladies out there who dress for themselves, making bold moves and unapologetically showcasing who they are and what makes them feel beautiful. I talked to these body positive plus-size bloggers about styling, plus-size fashion myths and good, old rule-breaking — and was met by a whole lot of inspiration.

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