What Else Has 'Devious Maids' Judy Reyes Been In? Zach Braff Might Know a Thing Or Two

Last season, we met the best friend to Susan Lucci's rich housewife Genevieve: Devious Maids ' Zolia Diaz, played by familiar face Judy Reyes. Reyes has been a part of the sizzling cast of Lifetime's summertime guilty pleasure Devious Maids since its outset, and while the show defied critical expectations with ratings high enough for a second season, it isn't Reyes' only big gig.

The actress is perhaps best recognized for her role on NBC's Scrubs as no-nonsense head nurse Carla Espinosa in eight seasons of the show. (Her character was written out of the ill-received Season 9 Scrubs reboot as a stay-at-home mom.) While we miss her character's exciting back and forth with Dr. Cox, we'd be lying if we said we weren't charmed by the scintillating intrigue of Maids.

Aside from a near decade on Scrubs, Reyes has run the gamut of television guest starring roles, starting with a 5 episode stint on prison drama Oz. In 2011, she guested on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit as a former maid whose illegitimate son gets into trouble. (Gee, with all this maid talk we're beginning to think there aren't that many roles for Latina actresses in Hollywood.)

While we'll keep on with Maids, Carla was definitely our favorite Reyes role. Somebody's gotta lay down the law, and for better or worse, in the Scrubs universe, that was usually Carla.

What has Reyes been up to outside of her work? Chumming up with the actresses on her new show, it would seem from her Twitter feed. Thank goodness the catty cast of characters are actually such good pals in real life. Now if we could only figure out how to get Susan Lucci to tweet at us.

Image: Persephone