There's FroYo & Kidnapping In This New MTV Show

by Kaitlin Reilly

I think I just found my new favorite TV show, and it hasn't even premiered yet. MTV released a trailer for Finding Carter, and I already know that I'm going to be obsessing over it... mainly because the trailer makes me feel like I have already seen it. But that's totally okay because the show already combines many of the things that I look for in a TV show: whimsical scenes at abandoned carnivals, frozen yogurt food porn, and, of course, lots and lots of angst-filled teenagers. (It could not be more appropriate that this show stars Kathryn Prescott, aka Emily from Britain's wonderful, dark, and uber-angsty teen drama Skins.)

What is Finding Carter about, exactly? Other than fro yo (we'll get there, I promise) the show is about a girl named Carter who lives a perfect, magical life with her cool-as-hell mom and her awesome friends. After she gets arrested for breaking into a carnival with her friends (this is something I have always wanted to do, God I wish I lived in an MTV show) she finds out that she's not exactly who she thought she was. Through some generic "police work" we don't see in the trailer, the cops learn that Carter isn't actually Carter at all — her "mom" kidnapped her when she was a toddler and raised her as her own. Carter is then sent to her "real family," who seem kind of lame compared to Carter's cool, fun, kidnapping mom who takes her out for frozen yogurt on the daily.

Here's why I'll be tuning in to MTV Tuesday night to catch the premiere episode of Finding Carter:

Lots and lots of scenes at this self-serve frozen yogurt place.

Frozen yogurt might be a key theme in Finding Carter. Many scenes take place at this yogurt shop, and I'm thinking that the froyo is a metaphor for how Carter's own life has suddenly become a swirled mess.

The coolest, nicest, best kidnapper-mom in the entire world.

I feel like most people who are kidnapped don't have a mom who not only takes you out for free frozen yogurt, but ALSO is totally cool with you leaving to hang out with your friends, because, hey, she was a teenager once, too! She's so chill, I almost forgot that she stole someone's baby.

Whimsical scenes on a merry-go-round.

I have never known of a single human being to actually have experienced a carefree night drinking on an abandoned merry-go-round, yet I can name a good four or five teen dramas that feature this very scene. I want to live this fantasy vicariously through the characters on Finding Carter.


Oh my God, I live for this drama. The blond is Carter's real mom (FYI her name is not technically Carter) and this is the tense scene where Carter has to awkwardly tell her bio mom that she remembers nothing about her. As Vulture puts it, it's "very Face On the Milk Carton in the best possible way."

More angst, different teens.

Carter has a sister! And Carter's kidnapping kind of ruined her life by making her a square while Carter was often doing whimsical things at carnivals. And by a square, I mean she never felt the urge to binge-drink into oblivion. I AM SO EXCITED FOR HER JOURNEY. I hope she hooks up with the flippy-haired guy above.

All the feels.

"My mom told me she loved me everyday. I haven't heard you say it once, to any member of your family!" — Carter to her "real mom." Yeah, it was very One Tree Hill.

More frozen yogurt!

I told you, froyo, kind of a big deal. I'm very excited. In this scene, Carter uses the power of social media to send a message to her mom to meet up at the frozen yogurt shop where she is working. Because apparently everyone wants to take pictures with the froyo girl? I don't know but I just want her life so badly... she totally gets a discount on the froyo, you know.

This powerful scene.

Carter loves gummy bears on her frozen yogurt. I'm going to ignore the fact that gummy bears are THE WORST thing to put on frozen yogurt (they turn into hard, unbreakable candies that you simply cannot chew comfortably) because boy, did I almost tear up at this scene. Who is the customer with the massive amounts of gummy bears? It's Carter's fake-mom! She's clearly on the run, but she got Carter's social media messages! AHH! So sad. They share a tear-filled moment where Carter's mom hands her a $10 bill with the words "I love you more" on it. "Not possible!" whispers Carter to her mom. And I am sobbing into my Red Mango.

Check out the trailer for yourself, and tune in to Finding Carter this July!

Images: MTV