5 Things 'Frozen 2' Needs to Be Successful (Starting With More Olaf!)

On Wednesday, Disney Chairman Alan Horn confirmed that plans for a Frozen sequel are, well, frozen. Horn said that the possibility of a Frozen 2 hasn't even been discussed, which is to say, there are no formal plans currently in the works for a Frozen follow-up. This is a surprising move for Disney, who typically seems to enjoy squeezing the juice out of its most popular franchises with seemingly endless sequels released directly to DVD. But will we never get a sequel? Frozen is, after all, the winner of two Academy Awards and the highest-grossing animated film of all time. Would a sequel do equally well?

It's possible that a potential Frozen 2 could never be as good as the original. Frozen is a hard act to follow, and given Disney's history of mediocre sequels, Frozen 2 could be a letdown. With a Frozen musical headed to Broadway, do we really need a Frozen 2? Would that be Frozen overkill? Would our feeling for Frozen turn cold? Would our enthusiasm crystallize in a collective Frozen brain freeze??

Of course not. If Frozen taught us anything, it's that people really, really, really like it. Kids like it, old people like it, parents like it. I get slightly misty every time I hear "Let It Go," but that's embarrassing and I don't want to talk about it. No one seems to have reached a critical level of Frozen fatigue yet, so a Frozen 2 might do surprisingly well.

So, what could top the original Frozen? MORE Frozen. Here's what we'd want from Frozen 2.

More Olaf

If we don't get a Frozen sequel, can we at least get a spinoff starring Olaf? Maybe even just 90 minutes of Olaf saying Olaf things? I don't think that's too much to ask.

Another inspirational ballad

A Frozen sequel would require another power-ballad on par with "Let It Go." Topping an award-winning song probably wouldn't be easy, and the result may not measure up to the original. It wouldn't really be Frozen, though, if the plot didn't include one of the characters experiencing an emotional breakthrough through song.

More quirky characters

Can Oaken please become a bigger part of the story? He needs to be incorporated somehow as a major character.

More trolls

Bring back the trolls! With the exception of a kind of awkward, quirky song in the original, the Frozen trolls kind of disappear into the story. Other than the fact that they have magical powers somehow, they don't really make that much sense, but they definitely need to make a comeback and make some wacky plot points happen.

More details about Elsa's powers

Will Elsa ever overcome her desire to be a "good girl" and chronic people-pleaser? What's the real deal with Elsa's powers? Do they ever go away? How does she not freeze herself? Does she never get old since she's essentially always cold, and therefore, preserved? Someone please explain this!

Here's hoping Frozen 2 gets to see the light of day.

Images: Disney