The Many Talents of Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy isn't just a TV and movie star: she's also an accomplished writer, and she'll showcase her talents as a writer in the upcoming summer comedy, Tammy, starring McCarthy and co-written and directed by her Ben Falcone. McCarthy says she and Falcone, her husband and longtime collaborator, came up with the idea for Tammy, in which a woman loses her job and takes off on a road trip with her promiscuous, alcoholic grandmother, played by Susan Sarandon. Tammy also stars Allison Janney, Gary Cole, Kathy Bates, Sandra Oh, Toni Collette, and Dan Akroyd.

Though she's most known and loved for her unapologetic comedy performances, McCarthy says she's always dreamed writing and starring in her own movie. In an interview with HuffPost Entertainment's Jack Coyle, she says, "As a writer, you think about that forever: Can you imagine if we got to do our own thing? To have it finally happen, it's a very wild moment for both of us."

Tammy could quite possibly be the funniest movie of the summer, infused with hilarious moments created by and for McCarthy. However, the movie is one of several projects McCarthy and Falcone have simmering at the moment. The two currently operate their own production company, On The Day, and are preparing to produce three new movies. Lucky for us, McCarthy is expanding her repertoire, which means more classic McCarthy goodness is heading our way soon. Her producing an writing credits will no doubt be just as impressive as her hilarious on-screen performances that have made her one of Hollywood's funniest comedians.

Check out the Tammy trailer for a preview of the wild moments to come this summer: