The Most Hipster of the #HipsterBooks

Another day, another books-related hashtag trending on Twitter. But you know what? We're just happy to see anyone talking about books, whether it's to steep their revered titles in a world of booze and bikinis, or to turn them into depressing bits of cultural commentary, a la #FailedChildrensBookTitles (e.g., "Ramona Quimby, Age 38 and Unmarried").

The latest trending hashtag, for all you freaks who don't have a Twitter account, is #HipsterBooks, and it's bringing out the sarcastic, hipster-hating wits of the internet in droves. Whether it's A Kale of Two Cities or The Selfie of Dorian Gray, #HipsterBooks is on point, a little bit mean, and seriously hilarious, unless you're over the whole making-fun-of-hipsters thing, which I totally am, too. *finds a new hobby*

And because somebody has to do it and what else do I have going on at 5 pm on a Friday since I'm not meeting a friend for drinks for another two hours, here are the most hipster of the #HipsterBooks hashtag. In a hipster-run society, these would be the books displayed on the reclaimed wood bookshelf at the local "communal information exchange" (the hip new word for library), because of how deeply they speak to the hipster's sighing soul.

Ahhhh, they're all so good. A few more; I can't help it:

And let's not forget this gem, which I totally don't get, but I'd never admit that in public:

*adjusts scarf*