Rihanna Stole the Show at Last Night's Nets Game

Sometimes, when I'm famous, I go to sports games and know that people will take pictures of me. It is at those times that I like to wear a sheer shirt without a bra so everyone can see my nips! In other words, THIS NEVER HAPPENS because a) I am not famous and b) I have nipple pride. But Rihanna went braless to the Brooklyn Nets game on Friday night and basically stole the attention away from the basketball game. (I know enough about sports to know that "stole the show" is the wrong term.)

Once everyone knew that Rihanna was not wearing a bra, everyone was like, "basketball? Whatevs." People took to Twitter to announce that they were no longer interested in the game, but in the "Stay" singer's assets. C'MON GUYS. BASKETBALL. FOCUS!

But Rihanna is no stranger to the braless-look. Nope! Rihanna shows her nipples all the time. Some people call this "brave and daring," but other people call it rude because hey, some folks are just there to see the game, not to see nipples! I'm no conservative, just sayin' — some dads like taking their sons to Nets games to bond and stuff.

Anyway. Papparazzos love it when celebrities go to sports games because it's like "stars! Having fun! Doing things that you like to do!" (No, not like me. I do not like sports, but I GET IT MASS PUBLIC. You love sports.) You know what the papparazzi loves even more than a celebrity at a sporting event? Celebrities not wearing bras and wearing see-thru shirts at sporting events.

But apparently, you don't need a horny member of the papparazzi to start a Braless Brigade from Barbados. You just need Twitter. In fact, the Nets "incidentally" tweeted Rihanna's nipples (Photographer "Whaa? I didn't see them? What's a nipple?") and started this whole debacle:

So yup. Rihanna and her 'fashion choices' distracted from a basketball game. But for the record, the Nets did win.

Elsa/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images