Matt LeBlanc Has Some Acting Advice For You, & It Involves Farts

On Friday, Matt LeBlanc sat down with BBC America's Graham Norton and recreated on of the acting "techniques" made famous by his character on Friends. LeBlanc has remained, and will probably forever remain, in our collective memory as the adorably goofy, laughably self-absorbed (yet somehow still likable), not-that-smart, semi-working, barely-making-it actor (and pick up artist?) Joey Tribbiani from Friends. Though we all know, intellectually, that Matt LeBlanc isn't Joey, because Joey is a fictional character on TV show that's no longer running, Friends fan or not, we can't help but lump the two together in our brains.

LeBlanc's struggling, semi-famous soap star schtick was cheesy, yes, but Joey's misadventures in pursuit of a serious acting career and the various "techniques" and "methods" he employed on the show were responsible for some of the memorable and well known Friends moments, namely, Joey's explanation of "smell the fart" acting:

Even if you've never watched a single episode of friends, or somehow never heard of the show, you've probably heard someone, somewhere, spitting what is probably the most famous, ultra-smarmy, faux-suave-guy Joey line of all time:

LeBlanc briefly dabbled in a Joey-centered spin-off show that, to put it politely, didn't do very well, but he has since retired his character and moved on to his own self-titled TV series. His real-life persona, though, couldn't be further from his over the top character on Friends, and at this pint in his career, he's probably more than ready to distinguish himself from his old character. But the "smell the fart" technique lives on!

LeBlanc doesn't look exactly thrilled to have been asked to "do the Joey" during a TV appearance as himself for what is probably the billionth time, but lucky for us, he obliges Norton and comes through with a demonstration of his memorable method. Zac Efron and Seth Rogen chime in and admit to occasionally employing the technique, as well as Joey's "tweezers-in-the-pocket" trick. Seth Rogen takes "method acting" to a whole new level, offering to provide a real fart, because Seth Rogen would, of course, do that. So, future actors: when in doubt, smell the fart?

Check out the technique in action:

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