Should This 'OUAT' Couple Be Together?

by Emma Goddard

People often say that opposites attract, and though they’re typically speaking about actual relationships happening in the real world, I’m going to go ahead and say this is also true for TV characters. That is, most individuals probably wouldn’t expect to see the likes of an evil queen and a man who steals from the wealthy and gives to the poor together. But it happens. Obviously, though, this is TV and shows never play by the rules, otherwise things would get boring. This is why I whole-heartedly believe in the relationship of Regina Mills (Evil Queen) and Robin Hood in Once Upon a Time because despite how different they are, they were meant to be together.

No, they were actually meant to fall in love according to the show when Regina first met Tinker Bell. I know. Confusing. So for all of you non-OUATers scratching your heads right now, in the episode Quite A Common Fairy, which actually happened so long ago most fans forgot about it, Regina requested the help of Tinkerbell after her first love Daniel was killed. And in case you were wondering, Regina’s own mother (yes, also evil) killed Daniel because her emotions were preventing her from becoming the all-powerful queen she had the potential to be.

Tinkerbell guided her to a building where she would meet her one true love. Of course, Regina chooses her power over this man and betrays Tink. It isn’t until this current season that we have discovered Robin Hood is likely Regina’s true love because of the lion tattoo she saw on his arm all those years ago. So really, the show says they’re pretty much destined to be together. However, that’s not the only reason these two would make an awesome power couple. And I’m not just saying this purely because I feel sad for Regina since basically everyone hates her.

First of all, there’s no better team than a badass one where one person has some of the strongest magical powers in the land and the other is a male version of Katniss Everdeen with a bow and arrow. Also, Robin Hood came first and will always put The Hunger Games to shame.

Furthermore, though the majority of the characters on this show seem to be quick-witted and clever, there’s no one else who has the snark down quite like Regina does. Plus no one can really handle her attitude. That is, no one else but Robin Hood who for some reason can see through the emotional wall she puts up to protect her feelings. Of course, we know that Robin Hood lost who he thought would forever be the love of his life after his wife died and probably knows the pain that Regina is going through feeling as if she is alone. A guy who can actually detect how a woman is feeling? Winner.

Also not only does Robin Hood actually take the time to speak to Regina about her life — after all, he could even tell she was a mother when they first began speaking — but unlike the rest of the town members, he wants to help her. And this is saying a lot for a guy who has heard rumors on the street about all of the crappy things Regina did in the past… like killing innocent people.

He also saved Regina from flying monkeys that were trying to kill her, and you don’t always find men who will do that for you. Am I right? Similarly, Regina prevented Robin Hood’s son from being swooped up by those exact flying monkeys by magically turning one into a stuffed animal. This is clearly a match made in heaven.

Honestly, at the end of the day, Regina just needs someone there for her considering most of the characters are still skeptical about fully letting her into their lives because of all the wicked deeds she committed in the past. Not only does she have to share her son with someone who the rest of the town admires and believes is their savior, but she also doesn’t have any other family members to turn to, and despite trying so hard to make things right, everyone sees her as the Evil Queen. I’m pretty stoked that the writers of Once Upon a Time have decided to cut her some slack for once and are slowly allowing her to find true happiness.

Not to mention most of the characters are actually in love with the ones they’re supposed to be with in the fairytales (Ariel and Eric, Belle and “The Beast” aka Rumpelstiltskin, Snow White and Prince Charming, etc.). Robin Hood and the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? Well that’s a plot twist if I’ve ever seen one… and I love it.

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