This Isn't the First Time Lily Allen's Hated on Queen Bey: A Short History of the Feud

Is Lily Allen trying to de-throne the all-powerful, omnipresent, secret album-releasing Queen Bey? On Saturday night, Allen performed a bizarre rendition of Beyonce's "Drunk In Love" at a London nightclub. Gyrating and grinding somewhat awkwardly along to the song, Allen seemed to be mocking Beyonce's Grammy performance, and even had a bucket of water tossed on her abruptly by an audience member. Allen's performance isn't entirely surprising, given her history of ruthlessly dissing other pop stars, meanwhile blaming the media for playing women against each other. She's also been known to share her odd, stereotyped opinions about feminism, and has expressed that she feels "women are the enemy".

Allen hasn't played coy with her thoughts on other women in the music industry. She's been extremely vocal about her beef with Beyonce in particular (cause of beef: unknown), name-checking on several occasions. Allen tweets that parodying other celebrities is typically part of her act when she performs at this particular club:

This also isn't the first time Allen's strangely attempted to channel Beyonce, claiming that using the word "period" in a song will "be her surfboard" So does she just want to be Bey?

Allen's version of "Drunk In Love" may have been a harmless parody, but Allen isn't known for being nice, or even respectful of other pop stars, especially Beyonce. So, was Allen shamelessly making fun of her, poking the Beyhive for laughs? Allen denies the accusation, tweeting:

Watch Lilly Allen's performance here: