Did Lily Allen Just Take A Swing At Beyonce?

There’s a high chance that Beyonce belongs to the Illuminati and there’s an even larger possibility that she is actually the mastermind behind the Illuminati because she is Queen Bey, ruler of the world. Long story short, you do not mess with our girl Yonce… ever. So it was quite shocking to hear that strong feminist and singer Lily Allen put on a parody performance of Drunk In Love on Saturday, April 26. In the words of Aaron from Bring It On, “Uh uh. Not cool.”

Allen, who was performing at the London club, G-A-Y, donned a black bikini and a sheer floor-length cover-up on top similar to the one that Beyonce wears in her music video alongside husband Jay-Z. She paraded around the stage to Beyonce’s song wearing a short blonde wig, similar to the hairstyle the Drunk In Love singer sported in her music video, allowed someone to through an entire bucket of water on her, and even performed some interesting dance moves on the floor.

Oddly enough, this came only a few weeks after Allen spoke with Rolling Stone about her upcoming album Sheezus. When asked how she felt when being compared to other female singers like Katy Perry, Allen said, “Because she’s a girl and I’m a girl. That’s it! I think in terms of humanity and evolution. It feels like the reason we play women against each other is because it’s the last bit of power that men have. They’re like, ‘Let’s make them feel shit about each other.’”


Additionally, when Andy Green Rolling Stone pointed out that Allen name-dropping other female singers in her songs might be misinterpreted by fans, Allen said, “It’s completely the opposite of that, though. I’m saying that I want all of them to be Sheezus, and I want to be Sheezus too.” Although the British pop star’s comments are to be praised since women should definitely not be compared to each other and shouldn’t feel the pressure to act like one another, it seems odd that she’d mock an empowered woman like Beyonce after the fact.

I mean Beyonce of all people out there? Come on. Sure her videos can be overly sexy — but who am I kidding, because they’re actually pure perfection — but Beyonce would probably be the first to stand behind another other strong women being criticized by men (or women for that matter). Additionally she’d likely be the last to mock another female in the industry for what she’s been doing in her music videos.

It’s possible that this, like her song Sheezus is being misinterpreted by the public, but Allen might need to work on how she’s getting her message across then. Right now, it just seems that rather than the media, Allen is actually pitting herself against other women with her work. If she actually appreciates Beyonce, it’s difficult to determine that from her latest stunt.