Donald Sterling's Racist Remarks: What Rihanna, Bette Midler & More Celebs are Saying

If you haven't heard the latest development on the Clippers scandal (and I'm really not quite sure how you haven't), the NBA team's owner, Donald Sterling, has been taken to task for his outwardly racist remarks. The jealousy induced rant was spewed over a recording to his girlfriend, who he had seen in an Instagram picture with Magic Johnson. This in turn sparked a fight between the two, with Sterling urging his girlfriend, "You don't have to have yourself with -- walking with black people." That statement being the least of the outrageous things he said to her.

Sterling's statements to his girlfriend (keep in mind, Sterling also has a wife) have caused a firestorm of backlash. The Clippers owner claims to not be a racist himself in the recording, just chalking his sentiments up to the society in which we live. (Sigh.) Everyone from Magic Johnson himself, to fellow NBA team owners, athletes, politicians, and celebrities have decried his statements as unacceptable and damning. Not so shockingly, most of the celebrity statements weren't delivered through their publicists, but by means of the new instant and automatic sound maker, Twitter. Most tweets regarding the scandal have been ones calling for action in some way or form, either by protesting or raising awareness.

You can view some of the celebrity backlash here: