11 Easy DIY Projects For the Entry-Level Crafter

Not to sound like a BuzzFeed quiz, but have you been spending a lot of time on the Pinterest DIY pages? Walking past art supply stores wanting to spend your entire paycheck? Wishing you could make something with your hands (besides a mess or a meal)?

I hate to break it to you, but you've been bitten by the craft bug. I've been there, in the middle of a room littered with glitter and glue, wondering why my life doesn't look anything like those DIY blogs. "I JUST WANT TO CRAFT!" I shout into the void (which is really my tiny apartment).

Yes, crafting is harder than it looks, but I've got your back. Here are 11 easy DIYs to get the ball rolling.

pop-up message balloons

This unbelievably simple balloon DIY from Studio DIY is too cute not to make, or at least bookmark.

Image: Studio DIY

paint swatch wall art

The next time you are at a hardware store, try pocketing some extra paint swatches (more than you usually do) for this DIY wall art from A Beautiful Mess.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

figurine cake dome

I know you are probably looking for a way to display your cakes (just kidding) but why not, right? This figurine cake dome from Sugar and Cloth is adorable and do-able.

Image: Sugar and Cloth

confetti dipped accessories

The Mindy Kaling in me can’t say no to some good sparkle, so I’m obviously obsessed with this confetti-dipped accessories project from Studio DIY.

Image: Studio DIY

stamped party cups

Add some personality with these stamped party cups DIY from Oh Happy Day.

Image: Oh Happy Day


This doormat DIY from A Beautiful Mess will make your home’s first impression entirely unique.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

make a rug with a paperclip

If you are feeling even more adventures with your floor mats, try this rug from Vintage Revivals. Apparently you can make it with just a paperclip!

Image: Vintage Revivals

painted espresso mugs

Quit spending your money on Etsy goodies, because now you can make some yourself — like this amazing painted espresso mug DIY from Now That’s Pretty.

Image: Now That’s Pretty

sharpie wallpaper

Vintage Revivals is always cooking up some great crafts, but this one blew my mind. It’s stunning, affordable, and obviously impressive.

Image: Vintage Revivals

gold leaf clutch

This looks like an expensive clutch I would buy if I was rich and/or fashionable. Since I am neither, I am happy to see that I can make one myself with this DIY from Vitamini Handmade.

Image: Vitamini Handmade

customized metal fan

Spring is finally here, which means we should focus on how summer is around the corner. Let’s cool off in style with this painted metal fan DIY from Vitamini Handmade.

Image: Vitamini Handmade