Selena Gomez & Orlando Bloom Are Either Dating Or New BFFs, Either Way It’s Weird

Selena Gomez has been making a lot of changes in her life recently. She fired her parents and hired Katy Perry's manager, deleted a ton of people that she followed on Instagram (including Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Gasp!), and has hinted that her music is about to take a serious turn. Now that Gomez has gotten rid of some of the "toxic" relationships (the tabloids' words, not hers) in her life, it looks like she's found someone to replace them. It appears Selena Gomez is dating Orlando Bloom. And if they're not dating, she's at least hanging out with him which means that he's nontoxic and the perfect person for a serious musician to spend time with.

According to Page Six, Gomez and Bloom were seen arriving to Chelsea Handler's comedy show on Saturday in Los Angeles. Together. In the same car. And not only that, they also left the show together. Oh snap! That's serious! A source who spoke with Hollywood Life said of the pair, "Selena actually looked really happy. They both seemed in great spirits." Gomez and Bloom previously met when they both attended the We Day California Conference in March.

None of this means that Gomez and Bloom are dating, but clearly they're hanging out with each other which means Gomez at least sees him as a suitable replacement for the Jenner girls, browsing Instagram, and wacky Coachella partying. Ya know, sometimes when your life is getting too wild, you've gotta throw on your best jumpsuit and hit up a comedy show with a man 16 years old than you.

Gomez has been in an on-and-off relationship with Justin Bieber for years, so if she is dating Bloom that would be a huge change. Also, because of their age difference, this means Bloom was making the Pirates of the Caribbean movies when Gomez was a tween, so there's a good chance she would've seen him as a celeb crush. It's a confusing situation because, on the one hand, Orlando Bloom is a step up from Justin Bieber (because anyone is), but on the other, she probably tore out pictures of him from copies of Teen Vogue and pinned them to her bedroom wall. That's kinda freaky.

TMZ has a photo of Bloom and Gomez sitting on a sidewalk and looking like deer in headlights, so maybe they are dating and were like, "Oh crap! Now everyone's gonna know!" Personally, I'm hoping they're just friends and that Gomez has some strange idea that Orlando Bloom, of all people, is exactly the positive influence she needs in her life right now.

Image: Selena Gomez/Instagram