Reasons 'Bob's Burgers' Is The Best

by Jenny Jaffe

Sundays are a good night for television. Last Week Tonight was just added to the impressive end of week line-up that includes Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Veep, Cosmos, The Good Wife — not to mention the now-on-hiatus Girls, Looking, and True Detective.

That's a lot of competition, but my favorite show on Sunday nights has to be Bob's Burgers. I can't speak highly enough of Bob's Burgers. In fact, I once was a guest on a podcast specifically so I could talk about all of the reasons Bob's Burgers is so great.

Smart, heartfelt, and hilarious, Bob's Burgers is the most consistently good show on TV (And yes, I'm including its sister show Archer in that evaluation). Even its weakest episodes are eminently watchable, never without a few good belly laughs and at least one kickass guest star. It's a sitcom that refuses to fall into easy sitcom tropes, never reduces its characters to stereotypes, and portrays the healthiest family dynamic on television. It's an absolute gem, but because it airs on the same night as shows with much more buzz, it tends to get lost in the scheduling shuffle.

Here's how Bob's Burgers stacks up against its Sunday night competitors.

More Incompetency Than Veep

Bob supposedly makes a mean burger, but the restaurant is somehow perpetually in trouble anyway. No one on this show is very good at their job, but they manage to scrape by somehow anyway- it's a little like real life, only way, way funnier.

More Three-Dimensional Female Characters Than Girls

Tina Belcher is the most accurate depiction of a teenage girl in television history, Louise is the tomboy inside all of us, and Linda is just as warm, loving, and human as any real-life mom. It's rare and wonderful to see.

More Mind Blowing Than Cosmos

All kinds of awesome ideas are proposed and tested! Remember the Spice Rack?

More Flippy Hair Than Mad Men

I'm looking at you, Linda Belcher.

More LGBTQ Friendly Than Looking

Gene is most likely transgender. Tina has a zombie fetish. Jimmy Pesto is an adult baby. Characters have all kinds of different sexual orientations, preferences, and fetishes, and the best part is, no one seems to care.

More Horses Than Game of Thrones

Not just horses- Equestranauts!

More Tina Than Any Other Show

And you can never have enough Tina!

Images: FOX