Can't Find 'Frozen' Merchandise? Try These Repurposed Disney Items Instead!

Do you wanna build a snowman? Okay, good, because a homemade snowman made to look like Olaf is probably about as close to official Frozen merchandise as you're going to get these days. (On the bright side, you can still find the wildly popular soundtrack, so you won't have to serenade your kids with "Let It Go" as a subpar substitute.) The Frozen frenzy has caused kids and parents everywhere heartache since the popular toys inspired by the hit film are either impossible to find in stores, or going for disheartening prices on eBay. So what do you do when the supply doesn't meet the demand? Well if you're Disney, as pointed out, you take some old merchandise from another one of your movies, in this case, Tangled, and try to pawn it off as new Frozen merch.

Apparently, Disney has been selling light-up Frozen Elsa wigs, but one reviewer pointed out that this was more likely a Tangled wig being repurposed in "an attempt to profit" off the franchise. While, if it's true, that angered Amazon reviewer might have a fair point about the injustice of it all, if the kids like it and can't tell the difference, will it matter to them? (After all, kids are the harshest critics of all.) If Disney is allegedly this desperate to get Frozen merchandise on the shelves or online, even if it isn't actual Frozen merchandise, we've come up with some other ideas to use old Disney toys and make them look like new again.

Here are five old pieces of Disney merchandise that could be pawned off as a hot item from Frozen.

Want to stick a pair of antlers on Phillipe the horse from Beauty and the Beast and call him Sven the reindeer? Be our guest!

Out of Elsa dolls at your local toy store? Slap some blue, sparkly dresses on Sleeping Beauty here and you've pulled off the blonde Disney princess switcheroo! (Bonus points if you manage to dye her hair a little bit whiter and braid it like Elsa's.)

What? That's not a Nemo wall decal! That's Sven's carrot nose!

Brave's Merida has more than enough hair to spare, which would make braiding her hair in ponytails like Anna's a laborious, if not entirely possible, con. (Just don't forget to change the clothes, otherwise it's a dead giveaway.)

Sorry to pull from the Tangled pile again, but even the most fervent Flynn Rider fans can't deny the resemblance to the far jerkier Hans in Frozen. Look at that smug Flynn Rider smile on the plush doll. Total Hans move.

You can thank me later, Disney.

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