Jennifer Aniston Dated 'Ferris Bueller Show' Co-Star, Officially Has No More Secrets

I'm not sure which is more surprising, that it was recently revealed Jennifer Aniston dated her Ferris Bueller show co-star, or that back in 1990 there was a Ferris Bueller TV show. Believe it or not, there was a TV show based on Ferris Bueller's Day Off and for some reason no one ever told me about it. It was straight-up just called Ferris Bueller, and it starred Charlie Schlatter in the titular role. It also featured a then-21-year-old Aniston as Jeannie (the role played by Jennifer Grey in the film) and here's a clip of her performance on the show here, just in case you didn't believe me.

Anyway, GQ is reporting that Aniston had a "torrid affair" with Schlatter during the show's 13-week run. The author of the GQ piece, Jim Nelson, was a comedy writer's assistant on the short-lived series, and is now dishing the dirt. Ms. Aniston hasn't confirmed or denied these rumors, but let's be real, here: She was 21 years old. Every time you go out on a date it's a "torrid affair." You're young and experimenting.

Poor Jen. It can't be fun living in that kind of a bubble. People are so interested in her love life that even some guy she worked with 20-plus years ago feels the need to tell the world about a guy she dated for a few weeks forever ago. Can you imagine if everyone you dated in college wanted to announce it to total strangers?