"Let It Go" + A$AP Ferg = Today's Best Mashup

"Let It Go" covers are like snowflakes: there are a lot of them, they're all different, and eventually we get sick of them (and their somewhat obvious similes). But after a period when it's still somewhat cold but devoid of their crystalline goodness, we thirst for fractals once again. Luckily, today is the day when our "Let It Go" cover-drought has ended.The newest mashup differs from the past cutesy covers since it finally delves into hip hop, and it does pretty well. In the past, there have been popular covers that have relied on past Disney characters, multiple languages, and adorable children. But today, A$AP Ferg has stepped up to make the "Let It Go" a little less cutesy (but no less powerful) with a mashup between Idina's "Let It Go" and his own.

Idina Menzel's vocals get jiggy with A$AP Fergs rhymes, over an ever-shifting balancing act between their respective backing tracks, which eventually meld into some sort of Disney beatz hybrid. Admittedly, they take a few minutes to really... erm... come together, but when they do, the climax should inspire at least an eyebrow raise. Watch this unlikely singing couple make some serious music, and hold on until two minutes to hear their moment of musical eargasm.