Austin Mahone Was Instagram Dumped by Selena Gomez: 5 Ways He Can Cope

When Selena Gomez went through her unfollowing phase everyone was upset about her dissing Kylie and Kendall Jenner. But the real victim of her friend-slashing spree? Singer Austin Mahone who says Gomez made him cry when he found out she'd unfollowed him. Of course he said it jokingly telling Us Weekly that when he'd heard the star was purging people from her social media accounts he went to check if he'd made the cut. "I was like, 'I wonder if Selena's still following my Instagram.' So I checked, and she was following zero people, and this is me … [motioning] a single tear."

Of course if Mahone knew the reason behind Gomez's actions we're sure he'd be sympathetic. E! Online revelead that the singer is trying to get rid of negative influences in her life. Was Mahone one of those? Maybe not, but Gomez was probably trying to be diplomatic by not picking and choosing who to unfollow. She doesn't like hurting people's feelings so she just did everyone across the board.

But everyone knows celebs aren't used to rejection, so although Mahone may have been joking about crying he may still need some help getting over the event. Especially because he's brought it up more than once. He told J-14 that he was mad when he saw Gomez had dissed his Instagram account. "I’m going to confront her about it next time I see her, like, 'Yo, why’d you unfollow me?'" the singer said.

Fortunately I have a proven (no, not really) 5-step program to recover when you're a celebrity and someone unfollows you. (The nerve!)


Mahone is in good company when it comes to being snubbed by Gomez. Since she got rid of everyone from Taylor Swift to Vanessa Hudgens they can bond over their pain and suffering together.


Come on Mahone, we know Gomez isn't your only celeb friend on social media. Hit up your other buddies and prove that you can let Gomez's Instagram criticism roll right off your back. Or snap pics during your support group meetings and post those. It'll just look like you're at a really great celeb-filled party.


No one gives validation better than fans on social media.

For some real fun follow a few of them back and watch them panic and fangirl. Then monitor their accounts as they continue to panic because they don't want to post something to scare you off. I stopped tweeting for like a month after Cassie Scerbo from Sharknado and Rebecca Black (of "Friday" status) followed me. (I know, I know. But they're as close to A-list celebs as I have.)


"Mmm Yeah" would be terrible even if Pitbull wasn't in it. It's like a weird rape-y song where a girl doesn't want to talk to you so you just made gross noises about how you like her body. You're too sweet looking to be such a jerk. Take some time to yourself to work on writing a new hit. Perhaps you can join J. Biebs and write about the terror Selena Gomez has wreaked upon your heart.


Remember when you got slimed at the Kids Choice Awards? (I do, it was payback for that song. I really hate that song. I also hate that it has a great beat and makes for perfect work out music.) Well now you can spend the next year plotting how to slime some other celebrities so they can experience the same sort of green humiliation you once had to endure.

So Austin, just follow these steps and you'll be cured of your post-Selena Gomez Unfollow Session Disorder.

Image: gifsoup; Instagram/austinmahone; popcrush