She Doesn't Wanna Talk About Her Future

Stop asking, already! On Monday night, Chelsea Handler spoke to Conan O'Brien about her future plans and whether or not she's retiring. Yes, she's leaving her E! show of seven years, Cheslea Lately , but she's not retiring, even if she does like to show up to interviews wearing super comfy t-shirts. Take that, business casual! She has no idea what's up next for her because EVERYTHING — everything, I tell you — EVERYTHING IS AN OPTION.

Why? Because let's face it: the entertainment world is really the multi-talented comedian and writer's oyster. She's got so many things she could do. The Netflix deal we're crossing our fingers for? Perchance! A radio show? Who knows! She didn't confirm anything to O'Brien because — even if it really looks like that this Netflix show is happening, and even if she would make a great female rival to Howard Stern on Sirius XM — what she really wants to do is go to Spain. Or maybe somewhere with dragons! Or as Conan suggested — "a place ruled by Lannisters." It always comes back to the Lannisters, doesn't it? Now if only Handler wrote My Horizontal Life as though it took place in Westeros...

Anyway, check out the video below and watch Handler as she quips about her future plans while rocking the hell out of a t-shirt. Whatever the funny lady does next, we're sure as hell going to tune in.