We're Gonna Say It: Yes, You Can Wear Tie-Dye

Image via Upstate

Tie-dye is one of this summer's biggest trends, but it's tricky to pull it off without looking like your uncle who always brings wheatgrass shots to Thanksgiving. Below are three ways to pull off this summer style without it looking like a costume.

1. Tie-dye can be dressy.

Tie-dye doesn't have to mean neon on your old sleep shirt. This Raquel Allegra dress is the perfect example of how tie-dye can look structured when it's in a dark color and a simple design. Look for tie-dye prints with thin, artfully done designs. They're far more elegant than those loud, swirling designs you remember from summer camp.

2. Go for subtle and simple tie-dye.

If your reluctance to trying the trend has to do with with how bold tie-dye is, then go for a more subtle approach, like this Dorothy Perkins dress. The skater style plays down the Hey-let's-all-go-to-Woodstock-man factor of tie-dye. Even though this look is tie-dye light, you should still go simple with the rest of your outfit. Too many competing trends will look messy. Instead, pair this piece (or one similar to it) with neutral ballet flats and a leather crossbody bag.

3. Take advantage of the casual-factor of the print

By nature, tie-dye is a relaxed, easy look. Play it up with a breezy maxi skirt, like this one from ASOS. To keep the look from being too casual, pair it with strappy sandals, a fitted top, and a statement necklace.

Haight-Ashbury what?