Ian Somerhalder Fan Serenades Him With “Natural Woman” & It’s Beyond Awkward — VIDEO

There are a wide variety of reactions one can have to spotting their favorite celeb. You can run in the other direction because you are intensely paranoid and worry they'll think you're a stalker (my personal method of choice). You can approach them calmly, say your a fan, and maybe even ask for a photo together. Or you can walk up, grab their hand, and start singing a ballad like the Ian Somerhalder fan who sang "Natural Woman" to the actor when she met him at USC. And, luckily for everyone, the event was caught on tape.

The Vampire Diaries star was at the school giving a talk about Earth Day, but afterwards was surprised with a serenade of the Aretha Franklin hit. In the video, the fan, Shelby Miguel, seems very confident holding on to Somerhalder's hand and singing to him in front of other people like it's nothing. The other students standing around try to suppress their giggles and many of them can't even bring themselves to look directly at Miguel and Somerhalder. And they aren't the only ones. During the song, Somerhalder keeps looking around like, "Um... how long is this going to go on?" Luckily, Miguel doesn't sing the entire song and when she's finished, Somerhalder jokes, "Is that all you wanted to say?" and gives her a big hug and compliments her singing.

The entire thing is so very awkward, but props to Miguel on her confidence and lovely voice. I would think someone who was crazy enough to sing to a celebrity they just met would also be crazy enough to think they could sing well when they couldn't, but she really does a great job. Way to break that stereotype, Shelby!