5 Moments Tornado Victims Found The Pets They Thought They'd Lost — PHOTOS

Deadly tornadoes swept through the south-central U.S. this week, leaving thousands with nothing after their homes were destroyed. The death toll from the fatal storms rose to at least 30 Tuesday across six states after more storms hit on Monday night. Arkansas and Mississippi, where 23 of the 30 died, have sustained the brunt of the damage. Deaths have also been reported in Oklahoma, Alabama, Iowa, Tennessee, and more storms and tornadoes were expected to sweep through the region later Tuesday.

In the wake of the tornadoes' paths of destruction, there have been glimmers of hope as hardy residents vow to rebuild and strengthen their towns. And while it can't make up for the staggering loss of life and property, some of the most heartwarming scenes from the wreckage have been from those owners who have been reunited with their pets after the storms separated them, a silver lining among so much destruction.

When Jon Byler Dann of Moore, Oklahoma found his dog Maggie 30 hours after tornadoes swept through the region in November, he cried tears of joy, reported UPI.

I felt intense relief and elation but also just panic. I'm very thankful and blessed to have my wife and my children. And finding my dog today was just unreal.

We bring you five stories of owners reuniting with pets they thought were lost, along with everything else.

1. Constance Lambert embraced her pup in Tupelo, Mississippi

Constance Lambert was away from home when a tornado struck on Monday. She raced back to what was left of her house to find her pup alive and immediately gave the dog a warm hug.

2. This man found his pup in a shelter in Arkansas

Man and man's best friend reunited in a shelter after the tornado.

3. This Mayflower, Arkansas family found their pet after their home was destroyed

This family lost everything...except their beloved pet.

4. This cat was pulled out from a pile of rubble in Vilonia, Arkansas

A cat was found underneath a pile of debris in Vilonia, Arkansas, where 10 people were killed in the tornado.

5. This little guy was found and reunited with his owner after tornadoes hit in Arkansas

A Facebook page set up to help lost animals get found helped reunite this pet with his owner.