Miley Cyrus’ Backyard Looks Like An Acid Trip At A Florida Timeshare — VIDEO

Wanna see Miley Cyrus' backyard? That's right, you actually have the chance to see the backyard of Miley Cyrus' home and you know you want to. It has everything: a teepee, a giant fake horse, some sort of fort thing made of sheets. And it's on video! No scrolling through pictures for you! And the video also has a pancake in it and rainbow colored flowers! Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips is there! The Chariots of Fire theme is played! This shoudn't be a hard sell, so just watch the damn video of Miley Cyrus' backyard, okay?!

The yard is not what you would expect. Cyrus is filthy rich, so her backyard should reflect this, right? It should have expensive patio furniture and be perfectly landscaped. There should be beautiful flowers everywhere and an inviting pool. It should look like a resort, somewhere you could request a drink that arrives in a pineapple.

Instead, there's a lot blank space going on here. The whole thing is like a surreal dream. Everything looks normal, then suddenly there's a Hollywood sign, a teepee, a huge white horse that doesn't move. Cyrus smokes a lot of weed and that is likely both the reason why her yard looks like this and the reason she should find this yard terrifying.

Not only is it trippy, it's unkempt. The grass needs to be mowed, the ugly green wall behind the Hollywood sign needs to be painted, the beautiful flowers need to be planted! The pool isn't inviting, it looks like it should be at a timeshare in Florida. I can tell you right now, I would not order a pineapple drink at this place and that's only partially because I know it would arrive in a Solo cup.

The video was taken by Coyne's girlfriend, Katy Weaver, while the couple was at Cyrus' place for breakfast. Cyrus has recently been collaborating with her new buddy Coyne on covers of The Beatles' "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and "A Day in the Life." Weaver made the great decision to share Cyrus' weird backyard with the world and captioned her video, "Makin pancakes @mileycyrus's house after a funnnnn night of Lucy in the sky videos and Love couches! #lovemoneyparty."

Well, at least the yard suits Cyrus. I can't think of any celebrity who I would more expect to have a huge fake horse in their backyard.