'Ladies of London' May be Bravo's Next Hit Series, & Here's Why—VIDEO

On June 2, Ladies of London will make its Bravo debut. Praise be. The show follows a group of British and American socialites living in—you guessed it—London, and it may very well be the show out of the newest batch of Bravo programs that I'm looking forward to the most. (It's a tossup between it and Game of Crowns .) Tuesday afternoon, Bravo shared an extended sneak peek at the program. And the sneak peek is fairly outstanding. Ladies of London (or LoL) seems like it could be a slam dunk for Bravo.

My thoughts after watching the LoL extended first look trailer: There is a lot happening. I'm awesomely stressed out during the trailer, and that's the way I should feel when watching a reality TV show trailer. Whoa, I love that dress. Truly living for all of this yelling. What is a "fishwife"? Whatever, I'll look it up later. This trailer is so good.

I can't wait to dive in to the new reality s—FORGIVE ME! It is not a reality show. It is a docu-series. I can't wait to dive in to the new docu-series. The scenery is gorgeous. The Ladies seem fun. Everyone is rich. Yep. I'm totes in.

"But Kristie," you say. "What sets this show apart from every other Bravo docu-series?"

I guess the above description sounds like a handful of other Bravo programs. Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with sounding like another Bravo program, but I see what you're saying.

"Hey, Kristie? Stop rambling and name at least one thing that sets this show apart."

Will do... in a moment. First, I'm going to present you with the things from the Ladies of London trailer we've seen on Bravo before:

  • An all-female lead cast
  • Fabulous outfits and gowns
  • Trying on fancy jewels
  • Fashion shows
  • Parties
  • Names being dragged through the press
  • Childbirth
  • A proposal
  • A limo fight
  • Fancy dishes
  • “I’ve had enough”

Before you're like, "Meh, over it. This definitely sounds like a cliched reality show," I implore you to keep reading. Why? Because there are some things that happen in the LoL trailer I don't think we've ever seen on Bravo:

  • It takes place in London
  • The birth of Prince George
  • This lace top:
  • A possible horse-riding accident
  • Someone in line to be the Earl of Sandwich
  • A big secret that lands someone on the cover of The Daily Mail
  • The word “fishwife”

I told you I'd deliver! Aside from the possible horse-riding accident (mega yikes), I am really amped about all of the above.

Here's the extended sneak peek, you fishwife:

Note to self: look up "fishwife" before you make a habit out of saying it all of the time.

Images: Bravo