Beyonce's The Highest-Paid Black Artist Of All Time, Because She's Got World Domantion Down

BREAKING NEWS: Beyonce is an incredibly talented, beautiful, smart lady who has funneled these qualities into world domination. "Who run the world? (Girls)" could really easily be translated into "Who run the world? (Beyonce)" and you can bet the lady knows that. The most recent step in world domination? Beyonce's now the highest-earning black artist, male or female. Ever.

This newest milestone in Beyonce history comes reported by Billboard, and has Beyonce overtaking the past records set by the likes of Jacksons Michael and Janet alike, as well as Prince. This is hardly surprising at this point: Beyonce's a little like the Frozen of musical artists, but way less white and with way more staying-power.

This all comes on the heels of Beyonce's Mrs. Carter tour — which was predictably wildly succesful — as well as the announcement of her next tour, for which she has not started earning money but which will likely be just as (if not more) successful with the completion of the superteam of Beyonce and husband Jay-Z.

No, Beyonce is the ultimate aspirational musical artist of the past decade, and it has translated into monstrous financial success. She and Jay-Z combined are probably going to reach billionaire status soon enough: Their net worth right now is estimated at about $900 million. The last leg of her tour alone brought in about $41 million.

Girl's got this bank account stuff figured out.

Image: RedefinedGuy