On 'RHONY,' Sonja's Breaking Up With Her Beloved Townhouse

Sonja may be the reigning queen of comedy (as far as the Real Housewives of New York go), but this episode was no joking matter. In fact, aside from Ms. Morgan's witty one-liners and rapid-fire banter, the hour was really, just kinda sad. Initially, when Ramona made it known that her best friend was not only bankrupt, but also losing her house as well, I thought she was just being a rude gossip. As it turns out, Rams had good reason to be concerned because Sonja's only dealing with this one way — she's not . Avoidance, denial, and shacking up with a 23-year-old are apparently her remedies for financial woes. Odd, considering she was once a part of the JP Morgan enterprise.

Really, though, for someone who just had her house confiscated by the bank, Sonja didn't act with any kind of urgency. Is it possible for someone to be that in denial that they literally let their lives slip through their fingers? Now, we all know Ramona's a bit wacky, but even she couldn't believe the ridiculous mantra Sonja was spewing about "living in the moment." Living in the moment?! She's not going to have a house in a moment if she keeps up this charade. Dare I say it? Maybe she should refrain from hiring and employing maids, servers, and interns so that she can save her money or spend it elsewhere where it is sorely needed. I can't really feel bad for her when she's sacrificed nothing and done nothing in order to help herself, and she's still being waited on hand and foot. Talk about feeling entitled. You'd think she was Countess LuAnn or something...

Is Sonja headed for a breakdown this season? I can't help but think, UH YEAH, considering her behavior as of late. That train wreck of the Gatsby party/show that still makes me blush. Plus, the fact that she's dating someone who is less than twice her age (and another person who is more than twice his age) doesn't help matters. I just miss the Sonja whose biggest concern was her lack of underwear.

Note: Was I dreaming, or was #Bookgate not mentioned once this episode?! Hurrah!

Image: Blogspot