On 'Fargo,' Solverson and Grimly Exchange Information About the Mystery

Deputy Molly Solverson be solversing that mystery! During Tuesday night's Fargo, Solverson continues to trust her instincts about friendly neighborhood insurance salesman Lester Nygaard. She doesn't exactly know how he factors into the mess, but she knows that he does. Deputy Oswalt can tell Solverson to cool her jets on her Lester theory all she wants, but Solverson's jets will not be cooled. She's going to pull the classic "whoops, I dropped all of my paperwork plus a security photo and I hope you see the security photo and react" move whether you like it or not.

She's onto something here. But what she thought was a bump is actually a spider egg sac. The eggs were laid, they're starting to hatch, and now she's dealing with a disgusting mess. This case is a spider-spitting volcano.

During Tuesday's ep, Officer Gus Grimly and Greta make the trek from Duluth to Bemijdi. Why? Grimly wants to tell Solverson about the pulling over Lester's "stolen" car/the scary driver snafu. Solverson shows Grimly the security photo. Gus confirms that the scary driver was the man who dragged the accountant by his necktie. They talk some more.

And then, there are sparks. Probably. There are probably (most definitely) sparks between Grimly and Solverson. Is this the start of something new? Or will they leave the sparks alone? You betcha I'll keep watching, because I'm itching to find out.

Grimly, Greta, and Solverson go to Solverson's dad's diner and drink milkshakes. The scene is pretty cute. Okay, fine. You caught me. I'm totally shipping Grimly and Solverson. I'll ship 'em to the moon and back.

I'll ship 'em to the moon and back unless it gets in the way of Solverson solversing the case, of course. The moment this potential relationship interferes with the case, I'm changing my tune. I take Solverson solversing this case very seriously.

Solverson seems to be the only person in the town capable of solving the case. And it isn't just solving. It's solversing. If Solverson doesn't solverse the case, I sincerely doubt anyone else will, and that'll leave Lorne Malvo to hook up more blood showers and shove even more people in trunks until the cows come home. We must put a stop to the blood showers and the trunk shoving. Help us, Solverson. You're our soversonly hope.

Speaking of trunks: Next week, Lester is shoved into one.

Image: FX