No One Can Stop Rihanna's Boobs

When Rihanna wants to be naked online, Rihanna figures out the intricacies of various social media platforms and gets naked online. Rihanna was threatened by Instagram after she posted a photo of her new Liu magazine cover on which she is topless. For the French magazine, Rihanna posed sitting on a chair in only a bikini bottom and a hat. The singer shared her cover with her Instagram followers, but the app removed her photo within an hour, according to TMZ, because it violated Instagram's rules regarding nudity. TMZ also says their "Instagram sources" claim Rihanna "got an email that basically warned her ... keep your clothes on or risk having your account permanently shut down."

After this, Rihanna did what any person who really wants their boobs online would do and moved on to another website. Twitter allows nips, so Rihanna posted the cover photo there along with several other pictures from the shoot and told people to view them on Twitter in an Instagram post. Brilliant! Instagram needs to start banning allusions to the availability of nude photos on other sites because Rihanna just bested them!

Rihanna went on to make some more statements on Instagram to express her frustration. All of the images seem to be from fans who support Rihanna and the free reign of her breasts.

There was this one from someone who utilized those creepy Celebrities As Normal People pictures:

A drawing of the cover with a cartoon Rihanna:

And an abstract painting with several Rihannas:

Take that, Instagram! Abstract boobies and leading Instagram users to Twitter for the win!

Images: Rihanna/Instagram