A Complete Guide to Beating Jet Lag

If you travel a lot, no doubt you are well acquainted with the horrors of jet lag. But how much do you actually know about it — and how much do you know about what you can do about it? Never fear, Icelandair is here — and they’ve got just the infographic we need to teach us how to combat jet lag!

Jet lag can manifest in a variety of ways, from delayed sleep onset or early awakening to headaches, stress, and digestive difficulties. Interestingly, middle-aged people experienced more fragmented sleep than those aged 18 to 25, and they had more trouble functioning during their new daytime after changing time zones. This suggests that our ability to sleep at abnormal times decreases with age — not great news for those who are hoping to spend their retirement years traveling the globe!

Happily, though, there are ways to ease the pain of jet lag. In addition to staying hydrated and getting enough rest before you leave, limiting your exposure to light, avoiding booze, and eating the right foods at the right times — protein early in the day and carbs later on — can all help you arrive as well-rested as possible. Even flying on specific types of planes might help: Boeing 757s, for example, are some of the quietest planes in the world, and Airbus A380s include mood lighting that can simulate either day or night to help you adjust as you fly.

The New York Times pointed out back in 2012 that although there are loads of “jet lag remedies” out there, a lot of them don't actually work. If you need a little more info than what’s included in the infographic below, the travel experts at Frommers have a pretty extensive guide to getting over jet lag; it’s definitely worth a read if you’re heading up in the air anytime soon. In the meantime, travel well — and don't do these things on your flight. Trust me.

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This infographic was brought to you on behalf of Icelandair.

Image: caribb/Flickr