Can You Handle These Twitter Confessions?

As you might have noticed, today is National Honesty Day. So far we’ve celebrated here at Bustle by remembering a few times politicians actually said what they meant and by decoding some of our least favorite backhanded fat-shames. But we’re not the only ones getting our honesty on; people all over the world have been taking Twitter today to confess their deepest, darkest secrets in the name of clearing the air. From mild embarrassments to some unexpectedly tender moments, these little tidbits prove we've all got something to hide — and that we're probably better off getting it all out in the open.

As someone who hasn’t been behind the wheel of a car for six or seven years, I feel you.

How could you, Matt Lauer?!

Given that it's also the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls, Regina George should really just be the patron saint of National Honesty Day, shouldn’t she?

I don’t know what the moon did to Skittles, but it must have been something, right?

Me too.

I would expect nothing else from a company that makes whiskey stones.

Oh dear. Harry Styles, what have you got to say for yourself?

Hint: There’s a biiiiiiiiiiiig iceberg, and…

Awwww! Now that’s the best kind of honesty!

That’s okay, Monica Lewis. Neither do we.

I’m sure everyone has done this at least once in their lives.

Okay, so that one isn’t exactly a confession… but it’s a valid point, no? Happy National Honesty Day, everyone — today and every day!