11 Graduation Songs That Induce Severe Degrees Of Blubbering, Uncontrollable Tears

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If you're anything like I was when I was graduating, you're lurking at your local college bar jukebox, dollars in hand, just waiting for the perfect moment to play progressively more depressing graduation songs as the night goes on. Soon enough, you're crying with your friends because damn it, leaving the people you've lived with for four years is so friggen sad.

It is important to note that each song, though, does not evoke the same cry. Oh no, friend. There are varying degrees of crying and sadness and despair from subtle tears to full blown humiliating gurgles.

So! As graduation looms, let me help you properly navigate your final rounds of house parties and bar hopping. Here are 11 graduation songs and the degree of sadness they induce. Get ready to stack your playlists!

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