Travel-Sized Beauty Products to Take on a Trip

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This post originally appeared on Lifestyle Mirror.

A daily beauty regimen of at least ten products can make packing seriously stressful. (Out of curiosity, I counted my essentials to find I use a whopping 28 products a day. #beautyeditorproblems.) To make our bags and our lives lighter, we turn to the travel-size options. At one time, we had to forgo our favorite products and go-to fixes since there was a finite number of travel options at the drugstore. Now, many beauty brands have joined in this trend of mini mes. Following strict TSA guidelines (liquids cannot be larger than 3.4 oz and all products must fit in one clear ziplock bag), the products are convenient without forcing us to sacrifice performance. From dry shampoo to tanning pads to a mini Clarisonic, our carry-on bags have never been lighter. Now, if only we could find a way to condense the amount of outfits we bring, too.

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