The 9 Best Self Tanners for Commitment-Phobes

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This post originally appeared on Lifestyle Mirror.

First time self tanners, fear not. While the horror story of streaks and orange tones have kept you away, there is hope to get that sun-kissed glow without a trip to St. Thomas — or the tanning bed. Enter the one-day tanner.

We've gathered the best self-tanners for those who want color coverage without the commitment. These products apply smoothly, even color and (best of all) wash off in the shower. We recommend applying with a tanning mitt to cover hard-to-reach places.

For more subtle color, take a traditional, gradual tanner or tinted lotion and apply lightly. One coat will create a soft glow. To prevent streaks along the elbows and knees, exfoliate prior and blend when you apply. If color doesn’t look seamless, exfoliate with a body scrub and loofah, brushing the tanner off no later than two hours after application.

Beginner phase, done. To get the most out of your tanner, follow Quinn’s tips on contouring your body, Victoria’s Secret-model style.

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