7 Types Of Inappropriate Tornado Selfies (Hint: There Is No Appropriate Tornado Selfie)

Residents of tornado-prone areas everywhere, have you ever found yourself thinking: "A tornado's coming. But first: Let me take a selfie"? Here's a hint, Evel Knievel: Tornadoes kill people. Here is what you should be doing when there is a tornado warning in your area. Note that the word "selfie" does not come up. In fact, PSA: Don't take tornado selfies. (Tornado drill selfies and tornado shelter selfies are somewhat more acceptable. In fact, if your child or teenager responds to being cramped in a bathroom with their mom, dad, various and sundry grandparents, siblings, and pets by taking a selfie, it sounds like you've raised a young person with a well-developed sense of humor and should probably be applauded.)

All that being said, here are a bunch of people who took tornado selfies, painstakingly compiled from your favorite social media websites. These images come from the brave, the stupid, the sometimes-funny tornado selfie-takers of America, and there are at least 348 of them on Instagram alone. We've organized these selfies by the degree to which they should never have been taken, starting with the least egregious examples of this disturbing trend and working our way up to the most extreme.

Seriously, there are a lot of these things.

1. The Clearly Fake Tornado Selfie

OK, we geddit. Your head was not really in that tornado. You had us for a second there.

2. The Everybody-Get-Into-the-Bathroom Selfie

Here's that child with the sense of humor we were talking about. You go, safe family, you go.

3. The Tornado Drill Teacher Selfie

Points given for trying to make a boring activity more fun. Points taken for being a teacher taking a selfie.

4. The Everybody-Get-Into-the-Bathroom Selfie With Flash On

Props for your safe shelter, except now you're stuck in that bathroom with a zombie dog.

5. The You-Just-Wanted-to-Take-a-Selfie Selfie

That is a photo of your legs. Take shelter, cowgirl.

6. The Somebody-Get-These-Fast-Food-Workers-to-a-Real-Shelter Selfie

We like these Sonic workers' attitude. We would eat at their Sonic just to hang out with them. But someone should get them to a better shelter!

7. The Hell-No Selfie

A shared award for these selfie-takers:



Nope nope nope.