'Harry Potter' Meets 'Girls' in Syfy's New Show That Will Satisfy Every Twentysomething

If you miss Harry Potter and obsessively follow Lena Dunham, Syfy might have created the perfect show for you. In a sea of new offerings, SyFy has announced that they will be creating the first TV adaptation of Lev Grossman's book series, The Magicians. In case you've never heard of The Magicians, it's essentially a twentysomething version of Harry Potter, if Harry and friends moved to Williamsburg and grew into troubled hipsters enrolled in the university equivalent of Hogwarts. Cue excitement.

The TV show has the potential to be a gritty look at millennials trying to get by, but instead of worrying about funemployment or whether they're allergic to gluten, these young adults have to face depression, growing up, alcoholism, and the effects of their magic on the urban landscape around them. If done right, this series could combine the pyschological realities of Girls with the magic knowledge of Dumbledore. Of course, this is the Syfy network, so the show could also turn out cornier than Sharknado 3 (which is also in the works), but I'm going to choose to hope for some potion-filled PBR and spells that make your apartment 100 square feet larger in all directions.

Image: Warner Bros.