Nick Carter & Jordan Knight Are Going On Tour — But What About The BSB/Spice Girls Tour?

Clearly the rumored Backstreet Boys and the Spice Girls world tour ain't nothing but a heart-ache and a mistake. Because there's another '90s throwback tour going down in 2014 — the Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter and New Kids On The Block's Jordan Knight have formed a duo. No, we're not kidding. Carter and Knight will henceforth be known as Nick & Knight and they're putting out a new album and going on tour later this year. Apparently no one got the memo that we all really wanted that BSB/Spice Girls tour.

I guess Nick and Jordan really hit it off when BSB and NKOTB headlined a world tour together in 2011. It also appears that they have the same appreciation for plays on words. (Seriously — Nick & Knight, Nick AT Nite?) The veteran boy band members announced their project on Good Morning America on Wednesday and that they'd be performing on the morning show on the same day that their album drops. Knight said of the project:

Me and Nick have combined our talents, our super powers, and now we are a new duo, called ‘Nick & Knight.

Well, that's just adorable, eh? Carter and Knight have been tweeting up a storm about this new venture and have released all of the details on their website. The pair are set to release their self-titled, debut album on Sept. 2 (if you preorder it now, you get a free download of their first single "Just the Two of Us") and will headline a 39-city tour in the U.S. starting on Sept. 15. (In case you were wondering, tickets go on sale May 2 — get 'em while they're hot.) So what will music from Nick & Knight sound like? According to Carter it'll be a little bit of everything:

We’re almost pretty much done with the album. It’s a bunch of our pop, rock, R&B and urban. It’s all mixed together to create ‘Nick & Knight.’

Well, shit, that sounds creative. If you're wondering what Nick & Knight will sound like, they've released this pretty epic promo video that features a sneaky soundbite of "Just the Two of Us" at the very end for your viewing pleasure.


Image: JordanKnight/Twitter