5 Best Fictional Graduation Speeches That Make You Feel Better About Graduating

Dear, sweet, naive and in-denial seniors: Graduation is imminent. While you're postponing acceptance that your time in college is fleeting, you're probably also trying not to think about the expiration date on your unrealistic college lifestyle as well. You know, that day-to-day grind of fun, friends, greasy food, beer, and free time. It's not that easy to just relinquish the rights to funneling off of a roof, taking mid-day nap, and tanning in the park on a weekday. But it's still happening, even if you don't want it to. You're really leaving. And you'll be okay, I promise.

As you're getting in those last licks at your favorite neighborhood haunts and saying your final goodbyes to the people and places you called home for four years, it's best to just get it over with. Quick and painless as possible like a band aid (although those hurt). Unless, of course, you can't be that mature about it. And let's be honest, none of us are. Maybe, you instead want to curl up with your girlfriends on a mismatched couch in a leopard print snuggie, as you eat Ben and Jerry's by the barrel full. It's cool, it's still acceptable here. Embrace it, because soon it won't be.

As you sit on said couch and wonder why the snuggie arms are so wide because it's friggen cold and you can feel a draft wafting through your old, beaten down college house, you may perhaps be in need of something to watch. Something, anything that will make leaving your friends and carefree life not seem so terrible. Say, something inspirational, perhaps? Well, I can't really see anything more inspirational and motivating than a fictional commencement speech. Who better to learn from than those who never actually attended college or even high schools themselves, am I right? Whatever. They still drive the point home. And like, the writers of the show had to go to college, didn't they?

Here's our ranking of the best feel-good, pick-me-up (or just kinda ridiculous) faux graduation speeches that make the whole graduating thing seem a little less tragic:

1. Daria

Because pizza IS inspirational.

Andrew Farrell on YouTube

2. Boy Meets World

Mr. Feeny's "Class Dismissed" speech is a friggen tear jerker. We love you too, Fee-hee-heen-ay.

Maura scully on YouTube

3. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Say what you want about the movie, h8rs, but this was a good ass speech.

Movieclips on YouTube

4. Legally Blonde

Elle wants us to be passionate, have faith in ourselves. Pretty solid advice.

TheDarkmogg on YouTube

5. Billy Madison

Yahoo for school and yahoo for you!

Timothy Seo on YouTube

Image: MTV/ Tumblr