You Know You're a Tufts Student When...

Straddling the towns of Medford and Somerville in the greater Boston area, Tufts University may very well be the global epicenter of quirk. (Feel free to confirm this with a Fletcher student; they're rather worldly, as our International Relations program is pretty legendary.) In my experience, Walnut Hill is home to an incredibly passionate, interesting, dynamic, and engaged student body.

Oh, and did I mention how smart we are? Like, take a shot if the vast majority of your friends were high school valedictorians and salutatorians-smart. Like, I probably wouldn't get in if I applied today-smart. They don't call us a Little Ivy for nothing.

Tufts' student body is also incredibly brave and good. We're home to compassionate thinkers and movers and activists. During my four years on campus, I saw teenagers and twenty-somethings actively combat inequalities within our community and beyond. Recently, for example, junior John Kelly spoke out against Tufts for revoking an agreement with the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights after being found in violation of Title IX (which regulates sexual harassment and assault, among other things).

Take it from someone who graduated last spring: You just don't find people like that everywhere. We're learning and eating and drinking and growing with a bunch of goddamned Gryffindors. Jumbo-Gryffindors. And they are — we are — infinitely worth celebrating. If you went to Tufts, or are lucky enough to be there now, you know what I'm talking about. There are simply some things that only we, true Jumbos, can understand.

First things first: the hill? Is steep.

But your quads have never looked better.

You've had to awkwardly explain that Tufts is actually a really good school

... not something you might tweeze.

after all, we are part of The Boston area "brainpower triangle"

And, by the way, we don't appreciate being called the "Ivy Reject school"

... although, OK, a fair few of us are Ivy rejects

"Whatever, Brown," said half the student body.

but at least we can take classes on superheroes through the Ex-College

And we've got trick-turning, which doesn't mean what it sounds like

you know Painting the canon is a nightlong commitment

and that There are uphill people and downhill people

It's not like Downton Abbey.

just like There are Dewick people and Carmichael people

"But Dewick's got the Pizza Lady!" "But Carm has WINGS."

though even Dewick lovers can get behind Stir Fry Night

but you know it's impossible to go to there without bumping into someone you once made out with

And on that note, two words: Tufts goggles

No, seriously, did I *date* this guy?

You're inordinately interested in the well-being of the Math Dance Girl

Tufts when you visited in high school:

Tufts for two weeks in October:

Gotta love that New England fall.

Tufts for six months out of the year:

which is why you refuse to walk 10 MINUTES across campus to see your friends

you know possible punishments for violating alcohol policy could include anything from a warning to Pro-1... a reallll awkward sit-down with former President Bacow

You read the Daily religiously

(Well, you do the Sudoku)

(As a onetime EIC, I beg you, skim the headlines!)

a typical day: wake up, brush your teeth, go to class, check your privilege, eat a sandwich

Your Facebook feed is dominated with conversations about racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and more.

and the phrase "too PC" is lobbied like a curse word

The Joey is not the most reliable form of transportation

But at least you can cajole the driver to drop you off close to your dorm/apartment!

You've never actually ordered the roast beef at Helen's Roast Beef

And you know better than to order the pizza at Pizza Days

Though, after midnight, anything goes. Also, you have a pair of Pizza Days socks.

True or false: the Bubs get the most ass out of any collegiate a capella group ever

You've pondered whether it's "Sunday Sundaes" or "Sundae Sundays"

you forget how long it's been since the football team (god love 'em) last won a game

You wish that your peers would stop peeing in hotel lobbies and pulling fire alarms at organized events

All of our fun events are disappearing!

But, I mean, who hasn't dabbled in the art of the mass casualty incident?

Speaking of which, RIP NQR

The candle-lighting ceremony can get a little ... emotional

I'm not crying about putting a light on the hill! YOU'RE crying about putting a light on the hill!

you know the library roof is a pretty primo make-out spot

but Club Tisch? Not so much

at least you get to wear your Jumbo sweatpants when you study

Because dammit, your Jumbo pride is Jumbo-size, and you don't care who knows it

Gotta love this school.