In Other News: July 24, 2013

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Jane Austen will replace Charles Darwin on the £10 note, becoming the only woman featured besides Queen Elizabeth. Now that's evolution.

The tiny Balkan country of Montenegro made big news today with a gay pride parade gone sour, raising questions about its candidacy for the European Union.

In neighboring Bulgaria, there was violence of another sort, as police escorted more than 100 lawmakers and ministers who had been trapped inside the besieged building for more than eight hours by anti-government protesters.

Google's newest dongle (yes, that's a real word) Chromecast sold out before it was even officially released or shipped. That's a dongle with a future.

Two women at a London ad agency are trying to pressure Nike into offering more of their shoe styles in women's sizes. They've launched a social media campaign (#PleaseJustDoIt) to gather signatures on their open letter that begins: "Somewhere in Swoosh Central, there's been an oversight..."

Stereotypes, begone! Americans aren't eating as much McDonalds as they used to, and we've stopped driving everywhere.

Don't worry, though, we still eat enough fast food to constitute an obesity epidemic and merit this Mobama dance:

For those who don't have enough natural padding, the New York Times is once again ON IT with a style section trend story about men who buy padded underwear to make their "Gluteus More Maximus." New York Magazine responded with an article about butt-fat injections. Oh, the butt jokes we could crack.

And finally, even monkeys take offense to unequal pay: