'Pretty Wild's Alexis Neiers' New Parenting Blog Proves She's Matured in a Big Way

Bling Ring inspiration Alexis Neiers wants you to know that she wasn't wearing Louboutins at her court hearing in 2010. Seriously. She wasn't. How do I know that she's still talking about which shoes she was wearing to court? Because I'm currently reading her mommy blog. Yes, Alexis Neiers (also known by her married name, Alexis Haines) has a mommy blog. And it's just one of the signs that this girl has certainly changed.

Despite her continued insistence on her shoes being "little brown Bebe shoes," (and not Louboutins as Nancy Jo Sales claimed) I'm finding it hard to hate on Neiers. In fact, the only response I have from my research on this young woman is that she really does seem to be bettering herself. The former Pretty Wild reality star may have been a symbol of millennial narcissism (just check out Emma Watson's portrayal of her in The Bling Ring, Sofia Coppola's take on the Hollywood burglaries) but today, she seems much more centered. Her current focus is on raising her daughter, Harper (whom is featured heavily on her new blog in adorable outfits) and volunteering in drug rehabilitation facilities. It's a far cry from the pole-dancing, phone-screaming young woman we saw going wild on E!

Neiers transformation is actually a pretty amazing one. After serving one-month of her six-month jail sentence in 2010 for the robbery of Orlando Blooms' home, and, later, getting arrested for the possession of heroin, Neiers went to rehab at the SOBA center in Malibu, Calif. After her completion, she became a drug and alcohol counselor and currently spends time volunteering at rehabilitation centers. She blogs for Vice (I was particularly impressed with her take on the reality show Lindsay ) where she is extremely open about her past struggles. Frankly, I was surprised to see that the girl from Pretty Wild (who seemed as spoiled and self-involved as ever on the reality show) recognize her behavior in such a clear way, noting the ways in which she hurt people and showing support for those suffering from the disease of addiction.

I hope that Neiers transformation is as genuine as it seems. She's hardly recognizable from her Pretty Wild days, and I, for one, think that's an incredible thing.

Image: harperandme.com